Natural Language Processing

Did you land at this article after looking at Part I? How exciting that you want to continue reading!

If you did not come from Part I of this article, which you can read here, it dealt with why NLP preprocessing is even necessary in the first place, some of the most common ways to preprocess text data, and an intuitive sense for what preprocessing technique to apply based on your natural language processing (NLP) use case. It also introduces my specific use case — a travel preferences-based recommendation system, built using reviews written by folks on Tripadvisor. …

Natural Language Processing

A Beginners Guide to NLP Preprocessing & Topic Modelling with a Use Case

Have you seen the movie Arrival? It stars Amy Adams, as a Linguist, where aliens have “arrived” at Earth and she is chosen (by the US Govt.) to help decode the aliens’ language. Amongst many other potent themes that the movie takes us through, I absolutely love how it depicts language as one of the fundamental underpinnings that shape a civilization.

Why am I bringing up this movie? Because when I undertook my first jab at dealing with unsupervised machine learning via Natural Language Processing, I was…

Finding Common Ground Amongst Media Outlets Across the Political Spectrum

The divisive nature of today’s U.S. politics needs no introduction. The recent elections in Nov 2020 and its aftermath is a resounding testament to the above statement.

Photo by brotiN biswaS from Pexels

If you take a step back, you would see that a huge driver for this is news organizations that favor certain sides of the political spectrum. This in turn is reflected in their reporting. Certain facts may completely be omitted and opinionated sentences are blended in, to drive home a particular narrative.

Hence, for my passion project at Metis’ Data Science bootcamp (that I undertook in Fall 2020), I decided to see how…


Making sense of the world using data and a spattering of emotions.

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